Invitation to Join the New Building and Grounds Team

Evening view of UUC from the southwest

Byron Krystad, UUC Director of Operations

The joyful rededication of the church building was a celebration of what we accomplished together, creating this lovely space, and the beginning of a new phase in the life of this community as we preserve its beauty. UUC is establishing a member-led Building and Grounds Team to guide the congregation in ongoing stewardship of our spiritual home.

As Director of Operations, I can say sincerely that the support of a member-led team to establish the direction of maintenance and upgrades to our campus is essential. The work of factfinding, project prioritization, requesting and reviewing work bids, and project management is done best when shared by a focused group of people contributing their expertise and insights to tackle project complexities. The advocacy of a knowledgeable team who can share the details with and address the concerns of fellow members unites us with a shared purpose for the work to be done. It is crucial that a member-led team help with the required level of effort that my position cannot absorb.

Here are some of the exciting possible projects for the team to consider:

  • Landscaping upgrades
  • HVAC (end of life) equipment replacement
  • Playground (layout, equipment, etc.)
  • Covered bicycle parking & electric bike charging
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Separate storage buildings on property
  • Solar panel installations

The nature of the work that the team will be doing include the following:

  • Developing a process and guidelines for proposing a capital project for consideration.
  • Conducting formal selection processes of proposed capital projects.
  • Establishing a comment period for gathering expert input from UUC members and staff who are represented by established UUC groups.
  • Analyzing inputs received, determining their bearing in the decision process, and taking appropriate action to incorporate or dismiss them.
  • Developing recommendations and presenting them to the Executive Team, Board of Trustees, and church membership as appropriate.
  • Developing detailed plans with hired professionals, based on the nature of the project.
  • Overseeing work done by hired professionals.
  • Ensuring adequate communication to all stakeholders.

The building touches every part of the church’s ministries and affects all who come here. In addition to working very closely with me as Director of Operations, the Building and Grounds Team will collaborate with the Board of Trustees and many of the leadership teams and committees as we plan, propose, and execute projects. Interaction with ministry teams will be key when considering how building projects will support various aspects in the life of our community. The work we choose to do will be an important part of the ongoing success of all our programs and ministries.

My goal is to have a team of at least five people started and meeting for the first time in the second half of January 2023. We will have information about our progress and proposals in time for the June 2023 Annual Congregational Meeting.

We are seeking people who have experience in architecture and design, construction, building maintenance and management, or project management in general. If you have such experience and you have time to contribute regularly to conversation and review of the church’s opportunities and challenges, consider joining us as we continue to steward a space that awakens spirit, nurtures hope, and inspires action.

To share your interest and possible contributions to this effort, please give me a call at 206-454-7723 or email me at I would be glad to discuss the opportunity with you further.

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  1. “Butch” Mason Taylor says:

    An Episcopal church and a church near Greenlake were years ahead of us on solar power and EV [charging]. I’m glad we’re catching up. Will the UUA help? Byron, thanks for all you have done, and continue to do.