Huge Thank You From Green Buildings Now

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Green Buildings Now

From Cindy Ervin, on behalf of the whole Green Buildings Now team

It’s my pleasure and honor to give heartfelt thanks to the UUC congregation from the Green Buildings Now team. Your very generous contributions last year and this year have been a huge boost to the partnership working to create the South Beacon Resilience Hub. The people on the campus want the facility to be free of carbon emissions and fueled by solar panels. Our part is funding and helping with the logistics for installing heat pumps and other efficient electric appliances. We plan to replace their gas stove. In addition to the detriment to the climate, gas stoves create indoor pollution. We also hope to augment the solar batteries, so the community can weather an emergency for as much as two weeks.

With our partners on the campus, we’re making a priority of working with BIPOC contractors from the community. We’re happy to create a model of a clean, non-polluting healthy facility, while opening the green economy to a more diverse workforce.

Thank you again for partnering with us to create the world we want to live in and leave to the future,