Homestay Hosts Needed for Upcoming OWL Training

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Labor Day Weekend: September 2–5, 2022

In partnership with East Shore Unitarian Church and the Puget Sound Cluster of the Liberal Religious Educator’s Association, UUC is helping to put on a big Our Whole Lives training weekend at the beginning of September. We are delighted to be offering training for all levels of Our Whole Lives (OWL) curricula and to be bringing excellent trainers from all over the west coast!

Now, the ask: Are you able to open your home to some OWL trainees? Folks coming to this training from all over are interested in a homestay option, where local UU’s generously open their homes to those coming in from out of town. Opening your home could mean anything from offering a spare bedroom to a backyard, where someone can set up their tent. Trainees will spend the vast majority of their weekend onsite and meals will be provided at the training, so they really just need a welcoming and comfortable place to sleep at night. However, this can be a fun and meaningful way to connect with UU’s from all over and make some new friends. 

If you are able to host some out-of-town UU’s, coming to the Seattle-area for this OWL training, please contact Margaret Rogers at as soon as possible. We would like to start pairing hosts and trainees as soon as July 23, so folks have plenty of time to book a hotel room if needed. If we have more volunteers offering places to stay, we will continue to pair folks into August. Please include:

  • Your home address,
  • Information about the kind of space you’re able to offer,
  • How many people you’re able to host,
  • If you have any pets,
  • Any information you know about nearby public transit,
  • Any COVID related safety precautions you plan to implement. 

COVID Safety Information: The planning team is working hard to make this training as low-risk and safe as we can. We are requiring everyone to be vaccinated with the appropriate boosters. While indoors, we are requiring everyone to wear KN95 or N95 masks. All participants will take a rapid test at the door on the first day of training and we are recommending that folks take a PCR test before coming to the training. Lunches will be staggered by class, to reduce the risk of exposure and, as much as possible, meals will take place outside. We encourage anyone interested in hosting an OWL Trainee, to think about the precautions they’d like to take to reduce risk of transmission in their own home, and to include that information in the information about their home.

About Our Whole Lives

Our Whole Lives helps participants make informed and responsible decisions about their relationships, sexual health and behavior. With a holistic approach (PDF), Our Whole Lives provides accurate, developmentally appropriate information about a range of topics, including relationships, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, sexual health, and cultural influences on sexuality.

Honest, accurate information about sexuality changes lives. It dismantles stereotypes and assumptions, builds self-acceptance and self-esteem, fosters healthy relationships, improves decision making, and has the potential to save lives. For these reasons and more, we are proud to offer Our Whole Lives (OWL), a comprehensive, lifespan sexuality education curricula for use in both secular settings and faith communities.