Holiday Giving—Thank You for Your Generosity!

Huge pile of donated warm clothes

Much appreciation for all you shared during this year’s Warm Clothes Holiday Giving to benefit Teen Feed. In total, UUC families shared over $2,200 in cash, along with 77 pairs of wool socks, 15 winter hats, 21 pairs of gloves, 15 hoodies, 29 warm jackets, 30 pairs of underwear and much more! Teen Feed will pass on these gifts—estimated at nearly $5,000 in value—to teens in our community.

Teen Feed expressed deep appreciation for UUC continuing to share warm clothes and financial resources during the holidays, along with time and hot meals year round. UUC has partnered with Teen Feed for about 20 years, with nearly 30 UUC congregants volunteering to prepare meals 18 times each year.

Jessica's dogs "standing guard" in front of boxes of donated warm clothes
Jessica’s dogs “standing guard” over boxes of donated warm clothes

Sadly, there are nearly 1,200 homeless teens and young adults in King County. It is estimated that about 13% of those living unsheltered in our community are teens and young adults. Your generosity offering warm clothes this winter is so important for these teens.