Economic Justice Team Meeting

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Sunday, April 24, 12:30–2:00 p.m. via Zoom

The 2022 legislative session in Olympia enacted bills that made progress toward economic justice, but more progress is needed. The Washington Faith Action Network (FAN) summit meeting on May 15 is an important opportunity to identify priorities you would like FAN to include in its 2023 legislative agenda.

At our meeting on Sunday let’s discuss:

  • Prospects for Washington State Court rulings that may help.
  • The expiration of the expanded child tax credit in December.
  • The expiration of the Seattle rent moratorium in February.
  • Other topics you would like to discuss.

All are welcome. Click here to find our group in UUC Connect (password protected) and the Zoom link. If you need assistance, please contact If you would like more information or to receive our group’s emails, you can either Join the group in UUC Connect or email Ben Pfeiffer.