Economic Justice Team: Focus on Homelessness

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Sunday, June 19, 12:30–2:00 p.m. via Zoom

Homes for people experiencing homelessness are scarce. The needs are immense and are being accentuated by increasing sweeps of encampments. King County estimated that at least 40,871 people experienced homelessness in 2020. According to a recent King County count, homelessness is up 14% since 2020. An estimated 57% of them remain unsheltered. Some of us donated tents, tarps, and toiletries for God’s Little Acre in Lake City, which aids unsheltered people.

One recent proposal, “House our Neighbors,” Initiative 135 to the City of Seattle, would establish a Seattle Social Housing Public Developer that would build permanent public housing funded through municipal bonds. Tenants would pay rent less than 30 percent of their income. A majority of the members of the governing board would be tenants elected by tenants. The board would have the power to select tenants with incomes below 120 percent of median Seattle income. This approach has been successful in many locations, including the U.K., many European cities, Australia and many other countries. In Vienna about 60 percent of residents live in social housing units. For more information see the House our Neighbors website at Initiative 135 House our Neighbors. To qualify for the November ballot, I-135 needs 35,000 signatures by June 30.

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(Please note that while we have usually met on the 4th Sunday of the month, this meeting is on the 3rd Sunday.)