Constellation Youth Summit

Amanda Mack, she/her
UUC Youth Ministry Coordinator

Fifteen youth and eight adults sitting on UUC steps

UUC served as one of six hub sites for the first ever Constellation Youth Summit on Saturday, September 24, 2022. This event was a Pacific Western Region event designed to help UU congregations rebuild and revitalize our youth groups after pandemic-related disruptions.

We hosted 25 youth and youth leaders on site from congregations in West Seattle, Port Townsend, Des Moines, Oregon City and Corvallis. The five other hubs were located in Colorado, Los Angeles, San Diego, Walnut Creek in the Bay Area and Phoenix. Via Zoom, we were able to connect with over 100 participants! Eric Bliss, Youth and Emerging Adult Ministry Specialist for UUA, conceptualized and carried off this ambitious and inspiring event. It was exciting for our youth and for youth leaders like me to forge connections with our counterparts at other churches.

One of the biggest “Aha!” moments for youth was that there are so many other UU youth in our region who are also yearning to connect. Our Seattle area congregations agreed to host youth events to which we invite each other with emerging plans in place for fall, winter and spring. We were thrilled to have UUC youth Phil Crowther, Avery Walker and Ming Parsons-Chen and Youth Volunteer Andy Lasnik participate. As a small group we brainstormed ideas and discussed UUC traditions we want to reignite like the talent show! We will keep you posted as we work to revitalize our youth and family ministry programming.

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  1. Judith Hance says:

    Love the photo. The woman toward the back with mostly white hair is my daughter, Amelia Hance-Brancati, long time member of Westside UU Congregation, active volunteer with their youth program. She reported to me on the great way our technical support enabled them to connect with youth groups elsewhere.