Community Risk for COVID Rises to Medium

For weeks we have been watching the community risk level for COVID-19 steadily increase following the loosening of masking and vaccination requirements locally. King County has now been up-classified to the “MEDIUM” risk level. Read more about what this means and what is still reassuring to Public Health officials.

Because UUC already has strong protective measures in place—excellent outside air circulation throughout the building, proof of vaccination required to enter, and use of high-quality facemasks by all attending—we are not adding more restrictions at this time. However, we are also pausing plans for relaxing any of our current protocols.  

We are aware of many UUC members and friends testing positive for COVID, including regular alerts about possible exposures in our small group gatherings. So far, we have had no reports of COVID cases traced back to UUC gatherings. Still, we urge common sense precautions:

  • STAY HOME IF YOU ARE SICK, even if it just seems to be a little cold, seasonal allergies, a bit of a fever, or a stomach bug. Take advantage of our Sunday Worship livestream, and ask if your small group meetings are available via Zoom.
  • GET YOUR BOOSTER if you are eligible!
  • WEAR A HIGH-QUALITY FACEMASK when you gather with others, especially if it will be with unvaccinated/ unmasked people or in crowded settings.
  • TEST IF YOU HAVE SYMPTOMS or if you have been exposed to someone with cold or flulike symptoms or confirmed COVID-19.

And if you do get sick or are alerted that you may have been exposed,

  • Use the CDC Quarantine and Isolation Calculator to figure out if you need to isolate, test, and when.
  • Wear your high-quality, well-fitting face mask around others for the full recommended time, even if you are asymptomatic.
  • Ask your health care provider about anti-viral medicine – it is now widely available and underused! This can make your experience less severe, but you must begin it early.
  • Test negative before you return to church, even if you feel better.

Please call (206-525-8400) or email the church if you test positive for COVID and have been to church recently or believe your case originated at church.