Child Dedications on June 5, 2022

The arrival of a child into a family, whether through birth or adoption, is one of the greatest events of life. As we do with many of our life transitions, it is important to celebrate such an occasion with a ritual or ceremony. At this ceremony, we recognize children new to their families, and the children of families who are new to our congregation.

At UUC, we held our first child dedication ceremony since the pandemic began at our Flower Communion Services on June 5. At our child dedication ceremonies, we anoint each child with water and give them a budding rose to represent the potential unfolding of a beautiful life. The child dedication ceremony we perform twice per year has been a UUC tradition for decades, with the ceremony originally put together by Rev. Peter Raible, an important minister from UUC’s history.

On June 5 we formally welcomed three children to this community: