Building Rededication Celebration

Photo of the interior of the UUC chapel on the cover of the April 1961 issue of Western Architect and Engineer

Sunday, October 2, 9:15 and 11:15 a.m. services
(Please note that the first service will start earlier than usual)

by Rene Murry


As I write this piece to encourage you to join us for our new building dedication on October 2nd, I find myself asking “what were the members thinking then?”

Were they visualizing us 50-60 years later, imagining the church we are, what we would become?  Did they think about laying a foundation for this faith community?  I do image they had hopes and ideas. 

"LEGACY OF LOVE" w a flaming heart above a chalice

This year’s theme for the dedication is “Legacy of Love”.  We are creating this physical space and this human community for our community today and the community of the future

What are you thinking now?

We honestly cannot know what the church community of the future will be like 50 years from now! I hope they know that in these acts we are working to accommodate our church members, our community and the activities we offer!  But we are offering something else with this investment of today and for our future.  We are offering a healthy, inspiring environment to join together in our beloved community.  I know that is true.

2020 photo by Lara Swimmer of the interior of the newly renovated UUC chapel

Please join us on Oct 2nd to celebrate this day.  There will be small bites catered by Tuxedo and Tennis shoes between services and an activity table at the entrances where we will ask you to write a word of two on a heart to place in the building.  The early service will begin at 9:15 in order to accommodate a bit more time between services.

We look forward to seeing you there in celebration.