Be An Evergreen Supporter

Evergreen branch (spruce?) with new, bright green growth at the tips

If UUC is an integral part of your life and you want it to remain vital, consider becoming an Evergreen Supporter. Your participation signifies your deep and long-term commitment to the financial health and well-being of UUC by automatically renewing your annual pledge each spring for the next fiscal year. Your participation strengthens the church’s ability to plan for the upcoming church year which begins July 1, 2022. There is no minimum amount to participate and all gifts are important and cherished. But we encourage you to use the Aspirational Giving Guide (Aspirational Giving Guide) to help discern your pledge to UUC.

You can join the group by going to UUC Connect and typing Evergreen Supporters into the Search bar or reach out to Chair of Stewardship Committee, Katie Renschler (