Audio & Video: Sunday Service November 20, 2022


Testimony, delivered at University Unitarian Church by Allison Jansen, on November 20, 2022.

Homily Audio

Homily, delivered at University Unitarian Church by Rev. Beth Chronister, on November 20, 2022.

Service Video

Sunday Worship at University Unitarian Church on November 20, 2022, including testimony delivered by Allison Jansen and homily delivered by Rev. Beth Chronister

2 Responses

  1. Eve Hammond says:

    Am amazing service!!

  2. Karin B says:

    Hi! This is an unusual comment, but I am a former student of Dr Jansen, she was my favorite professor at Green River College many years ago. I had been looking for her contact information to send her a thank you email, but I was coming up short because I was unaware of her transition and was searching under her deadname. I just stumbled on this beautiful testimony today and was so glad! If anyone reading this knows Dr Jansen and might be able to facilitate a reconnection, my name is Karin [], I went to GRCC in 2006, and my email is []. Thank you <3

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