Audio & Video: Sunday Service January 9, 2022

Sermon Audio

Sermon, “A Devastating Love”, delivered at University Unitarian Church by Rev. Jon Luopa on January 9, 2022.

Service Video

Sunday Worship at University Unitarian Church on January 9, 2021, including sermon “A Devastating Love”, delivered by Rev. Jon Luopa.

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  1. I suspect Jon is expressing feelings so many of us are right now as we grapple with this quite horrifying time. I’m used to Unitarians kind of putting on a hopeful face and soldiering on, often ignoring what is or even romanticizing it. But I never thought I would see the loss of democracy as a possibility. I never thought I would see a Nation pull apart when faced with a silent killer that could infect us all. I thought we Americans were good at overcoming adversity when danger loomed, I was wrong. .

    I have come to really appreciate in the relatively short time I’ve been attending this UU that Jon breaks down big questions in small pieces, often numbering them for easier consumption. Sometimes it’s 4 things to ponder or try and grasp, today it was two.
    It’s a place to start.

    I appreciate Jon’s story about Spirit of Life. It happens to be, of all the hymns we sing and have sung, a kind of magical hymn with such a power I don’t understand. It makes me teary to the point that sometimes in my past UUs in S.F. and in Pasadena, I would see it listed on the Service and get nervous, knowing I would have to brace myself to hold back tears and even a muffled sob. I don’t understand its’ power but apparently, from today’s story, I am not alone. The mystery of its’ appeal is universal.