Audio & Video: Sunday Service April 10, 2022

Sermon Audio

Sermon, “Curiosity Capable of Objectivity” delivered at University Unitarian Church by Rev. Jon Luopa on April 10, 2022.

Service Video

Sunday Worship at University Unitarian Church on April 10, 2022, including sermon “Curiosity Capable of Objectivity”, delivered by Rev. Jon Luopa.

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  1. Gary Anderson says:

    Th best practical example of this would be a person who questions like is “Black Lives Matter” good for society in general or black people in particular. Yet I hear nothing from the pulpit that encourages asking this question. Many policies like defunding the police (which polls show are widely unpopular with targeted population) are advocated from the pulpit both by the clergy of the church and the programs that are sponsored and publicized. Is this type of detachment being encouraged in our conjuration? If so, where does one find the evidence of this question being discussed? I agree with the message but am not seeing it implemented at our church in practice.