An Update from Jessica Monahan, UUC Office Manager

Jessica Monahan

As the congregation has navigated health protocols related to the current pandemic, UUC staff members with multiple risk factors that could be affected by COVID19 have had to take extra measures to work safely. This has included Jessica Monahan working from home on Sundays. Unfortunately, Jessica’s availability has been interrupted from time to time by her own health concerns. She wanted to share this note with members so they would have a better idea of her situation:

Dear University Unitarian Church Friends: Since January, I have been struggling with an autoimmune disorder that has made it difficult for me to work in the building. I have recently stabilized in my treatment, but at a recent exam my doctors discovered some tumors on my liver that require non-surgical treatment. As I receive treatment for this over the next few months, I will continue to work from home to support UUC and hope to see you all in the fall back at my usual post. Thank you all for your concerns and well-wishes.

Jessica Monahan

If you would like to send Jessica a message of support, mail or bring your card or letter to the church office. We will deliver these to her regularly.

As Jessica balances her work for UUC with attention to her health needs, we are working to provide tools to help members and staff with the support they need for scheduling building use, navigating systems like UUC Connect, and getting answers to emerging questions when they are in the building on Sundays. Multiple staff members will monitor shared mailboxes such as to facilitate building use planning, and a special Sunday kiosk for interacting with Jessica over Zoom when she is able will be available to church members. As always, issues can be raised with Byron Krystad or Janine Larsen as well, to ensure that answers are found for your questions and support is made available for your group’s needs.

If you have any questions or concerns about staff support for UUC over the summer months before we are all up and running in the fall, please reach out to Byron or Janine for assistance.

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  1. Emily Easton - Emmy says:

    Holding you close to my heart and wishing you health and well-being. Hugs, Emmy Easton