4th Principle Dialogue Group

Thursdays, September 8 and 22, 7:00–8:45 p.m. in King
“Why Anti-Racism Will Fail”

Headshot of Rev. Thandeka

Join UUC’s 4th Principle Dialogue Group as we discuss Rev. Thandeka’s 1999 Meadville-Lombard lecture “Why Anti-Racism Will Fail.” In the ’90s, Rev. Thandeka was a leading African American voice in the UU community, and she is still active today. In 1997, delegates at the UUA General Assembly voted to launch the “Journey Toward Wholeness” anti-racism program, and this lecture was in response to that program. 

Why did Rev. Thandeka say that the UUA’s anti-racism program was at odds with UU values? Why did she say that the program fails to grasp the reality of racism? What perspective did she offer on most white people whose actions are deemed racist? What might all this mean for us at UUC? 

Participants are invited to think ahead of time about the answers to three questions: What in the lecture do you agree with? What would you disagree with? and What are you curious and uncertain about? 

This dialogue welcomes all members and friends of UUC who are willing to do the hard work of listening. A UU congregation might be the best place for for people to be really heard. The lecture is short, and even if you can’t attend the dialogue you are invited to read it and discuss it with other congregants. For more about Rev. Thandeka, see her Wikipedia page (which Jonathan Tweet started).