2022 Nominations for UUC Board of Trustees and Moderator

The Nominating Committee is pleased to announce nominations for election to key leadership positions at UUC. 

For the Board of Trustees: Jim Thompson and Paula Nurius

For Moderator: Chuck Harwood

We are so grateful for the commitment to service that these individuals make as they stand for election. It is a gift to our beloved community today and well into the future. 

Election for these positions will take place in connection with the online UUC Annual Meeting on Sunday, June 12, 2022

UUC’s Bylaws allow for alternative nomination by petition by 10 members in good standing. Any such nomination would need to be sent to Gayle Childers, Secretary of the Board, Board@uuchurch.org, no later than May 22, 2022.

Nominees for the Board of Trustees (Three-Year Term)

Jim Thompson
Jim Thompson headshot

A UUC member since 1996, Jim Thompson was Co-Head Usher and has volunteered on the Finance Committee, managed the church-in-a-box van and trailer task for the remodel and truly valued the Coming of Age and Our Whole Lives programs for his son.

Jim recognizes that encouraging church members to participate starts with small things that match their interests. He believes the three largest challenges for the board are integrating the Eighth Principle into our policies and making it a living part of our church, continuing to address the difference between income and expenses, and changing how the church works from our traditional in-person model to a hybrid model of online and in-person, and addressing the challenges and opportunities of that change.

Jim has served as a board member of Seattle Public Theatre, his college alumni group and Scouts BSA Troop 166 of Wedgwood.

Jim works as a project manager at Amazon and has been a project manager in the aerospace, software, medical devices and banking industries. He has a BA in Economics from the University of Chicago.

Paula Nurius*
Paula Nurius headshot

Paula has been a member of UUC for 17 years, stimulated in part by her and her husband Jerry’s interest in their then-young daughter having access to the type of spiritual education and community that UUC cultivates. Paula has served across multiple UUC roles: three years as a Coming of Age mentor, planning women’s retreats and triathlon supports (under Alicia Grace’s leadership), family participation in a Friends of El Porvenir Nicaragua service trip, a term on the Leadership Development Committee, on the Social Justice Steering Committee, and on the Stewardship Committee.

As a career-long social worker and social welfare scholar (UW professor), UUC principles and priorities around both social justice as well as fostering healthy, inclusive community engagement mesh well with her values and background. Paula has extensive experience working on boards for national and local organizations, finding this work both complex and rewarding. Of late, this has included challenges of the pandemic alongside prominent social issues/disparities. All of these changes can be deeply unsettling. Yet, the times also call for innovation and creative visioning, which offers our UUC Board and congregation opportunities to potentially expand who we are and how we thrive in pluralistic ways to do and be a church.

Nominee Moderator (Two-Year Term)

Chuck Harwood
Chuck Harwood headshot

After attending the First Unitarian Church in Portland, where my parents were members, I drifted away during college. I resumed attending church in 2016 at UUC. In between, Barbara and I raised two children in Seattle, dealt with the usual string of life events, and lived temporarily in Washington, D.C. We were in Washington in connection with my career as a federal government attorney.

After our D.C. sojourn, Barbara and I participated in UUC’s Exploring Membership classes. I later joined UUC. (Barbara listens patiently to my sermon and music reports after Sunday services.) Even when I was not attending a Unitarian church, I remained emotionally and intellectually attached to the church through its priorities, such as a dialogue of many faiths, cultures, and lifestyles, and its social and economic justice advocacy themes.

Since joining UUC, I have participated in the Sunday Welcoming Team, particularly Coffee Crew, attended various classes, and aspired with occasional success to participate in other UUC activities. I mull over the insights or observations shared by our ministers and find our congregation’s dedication to community and service invigorating. Finally, I enjoy participating in our governance process, where respectfulness, thoughtfulness, and inclusiveness are the fundamental rules we follow.

* As required by UUC’s Conflict of Interest Policy, Nominating Committee member Jerry Gillmore, who is the spouse of Paula Nurius, did not participate in gathering information or evaluating her statement of interest for Board nomination, nor did he attempt to influence any action taken, and he was not present at the meeting during discussion of and vote on the action. Because Paula Nurius was recommended by the Committee for nomination, this statement, identifying the potential conflict of interest and the steps taken to avoid any undue influence, is required to be distributed to church members in preparation for the election.