Welcoming Back Intergenerational Services

Children, youth and their families are valued and integral members of UUC. One of our most important ministries is to support young people as they grow, to listen to their questions, and honor their insight. Intergenerational communities, in which the needs and wisdom of different generations are welcomed and people are connected cross-generationally, are rare in our modern culture. The rarity makes the fact that our community is intergenerational all the more precious and meaningful.

This pandemic has been particularly challenging for children, youth and families without the in-person support of schooling, friends, and community. UUC’s Religious Educators, Melody Moberg and Aria Curtis, have worked creatively and diligently to offer programs to children and youth and to keep families connected during these past months of online church. This has included reaching out to families and asking what it is they are needing and seeking within Sunday worship. Families reflected back how meaningful it is when a “Time for All Ages” story is part of the service (as well as how much children appreciate the music each Sunday). As UUC’s ministers, we are happy to welcome back our practice of Intergenerational Sunday and the Time for All Ages on the third Sunday of each month. We are also considering what other ways our Sunday services might better serve the youngest members of our community and connect with their Religious Education programming. We started this in January and will continue to collaborate with Melody and Aria on Intergenerational Services in the future.

Thank you for being part of this rare, precious, and meaningful Intergenerational Community. We look forward to sharing Intergenerational Services with all of you!

In covenant,
Rev. Jon Luopa
Rev. Beth Chronister