Welcome to Jax Wokas!

From Byron Krystad, Director of Operations:

We are happy to welcome our new Audio/Visual Technician, Jax Wokas!

David Owens at the UUC Soundboard

David Owens is well underway in his full-time job as an addiction counselor during the week, and now with Jax taking over he can get some well-deserved breathing room on his weekends. I know I speak for all of us when I say “Thank you!” to David for his time with us as such patient and positive presence on Sundays — all the way from Meadowbrook to the chapel to the internet! What a journey. We are grateful to you.

From Jax:

Headshot of Jax Wokas

Hello! My name is Jax Wokas, I use he/him and they/them pronouns (you can choose which) and I’m excited to be the AV Technician at University Unitarian Church. I’m currently a freshman at UW, but back home in Illinois I participated in my high school’s tech crew. There, I specialized in sound design/sound board operation and scenic art and participated in over 20 shows. My high school also had large-scale events and assemblies where we would use cameras to stream it, so I helped with wiring that as well. Currently, being a student is taking up most of my time, but in my free time I enjoy drawing and listening to music. I was raised in a conservative, Lutheran church in my hometown, so it was exciting to me to see a church like UUC that’s so open and accepting. I was looking for jobs where I could continue using my technical theater skills because I’ve missed it a lot during quarantine and I’m excited to be able to do something I love at an accepting place like UUC.