We Need Weed Knees!

Tall weeds going to see in front of UUC

There’s a song about “as high as an elephant’s eye” but I don’t think they were referring to dandelions. When I talk about weeds I’m referring to the boffo season they are having in the church’s landscaping with the blessings of our irrigation and June’s hot weather. Luis, our weekday custodian, was able to keep on top of them for a while this spring. However, now that his duties have turned back toward the building and growing lists of programming and events—and with his visiting family in Mexico this month—we have been dealt a one-two punch by the thistles, buttercup, bindweed, oxalis, johnny jump-up, and milkweed, among other guests in our planting beds.

I’d like to offer two opportunities for those who would care to help out with this challenge in June and July:

1) Some generous folks are planning a weeding party on Saturday, July 10, for any and all of us who would like to share some outdoor time with their fellow church members. Details are being worked out, especially to make sure we don’t interrupt the Kids Art and Games Activities that Melody and Aria are lining up for that Saturday morning. Save the date if that sounds like a good volunteer opportunity for you, and stay tuned to the Gateway and website for details next week. If you have questions as we are working out those details, just let me know at byron.krystad@uuchurch.org.

2) For those who are willing and able to drop by as their schedules allow to spend a half hour or hour on weekdays or evenings to pull a bucket of weeds, please feel free to do so. Bring your own tools and carrying containers, and use the compost pile in the lot next to the fenced dumpster area in the parking lot to deposit your prizes. You can let us know when you’re coming, but in general you’re more than welcome to come and go as you can. Outside of business hours (Sunday–Thursday, 9:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.), the building will not necessarily be available to duck in and use the bathroom or a drinking fountain, so plan ahead to hydrate and leave when you need to for facilities. If you’d like to let us know about a specific visit you’re making, feel free to phone or email the office ahead of time (206-525-8400, office@uuchurch.org). Please note that the lawn will be tended by staff, so bringing lawnmowers or other power or gas equipment is not necessary. Hand tools only, thank you.

The complex and extensive landscape we have at the new building is a new challenge, and we are in conversation with potential landscape maintenance vendors to establish an ongoing arrangement for grounds care and maintenance of systems and plantings. In the meantime, the help of all who would be inspired by a few hours of grubbing out this summer’s happy intruders would be much appreciated.

Byron Krystad, Director of Operations