UUC’s Pandemic Recovery Plan Now Available

A blue representation of a coronavirus with a red international NO symbol overlying it

As we consider how to move towards safely reopening our church building in light of changing public health guidelines, UUC’s “Pandemic Recovery Plan” is now on our website. In case you lose this link, you can also find this page through the “About Us” menu at uuchurch.org.

This will be an evolving document, as new information is received and new decisions are made related to indoor gatherings in light of vaccination, case counts, and announcements by public health authorities. As we receive questions from members and friends of UUC and continually consider and update our recovery plan, we anticipate adding a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section and an index of updates. Our goal is to keep the congregation and community informed with frequent communications and transparency on the process used to revise our recovery plan. Stay tuned!