UUC Summer Meetings & Calendar

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If your UUC team or program will meet this summer, it’s time to get those dates on the UUC Calendar! Please contact your staff liaison now to ensure we have your meetings—whether on Zoom or on-site—on the UUC Calendar for June, July and August. If you’re not sure who your staff liaison is, check “UUC at a Glance” or just email your meeting information to office@uuchurch.org.

Because of the uncertainty of meeting schedules throughout the months of pandemic “stay safe, stay home” guidance, we have not extended many meetings past May. Please check the UUC Calendar now to be sure your meetings appear when they should, and that meeting reservations on Zoom, at UUC, or off-site are correctly reflected through August.

You are welcome to reserve outside space at UUC for your meetings now. We do anticipate opening the building to small group meetings as we are able (see UUC’s Pandemic Recovery Plan). You are also welcome to request indoor meeting space now, so that we can track those requests and let you know when rooms are available for use again.