Trees for Votes Follow Up

Clip art of a girl and boy tending a ballot box with a trowel and watering can

81 yea votes for historic climate change bill in Washington!

This year, Washington state became the first state in the entire country to pass a law that puts our state on track to having net zero carbon emissions by the year 2050, the Climate Commitment Act. The bill was led by Representative Fitzgibbons, who met with the Youth and Family Justice Team last fall to talk about climate justice action. According to PR Newswire, the bill puts a hard cap on carbon emissions and lowers that cap year by year. The bill also invests in overburdened communities and in transportation. The bill passed in the Senate with 27 yeas and in the House with 54 yeas.

This is a total of 81 votes and the UUC Youth and Family Justice Team will be making a donation to to plant 81 trees and celebrate this amazing accomplishment.

We want to thank everyone who sent letters and pictures to lawmakers over the last year!