The UUC Board’s “Open Questions”

The UUC Board of Trustees policies establish a new process for identifying the current high priorities for the church. In consultation with Jon and his team, as well as after receiving feedback from the congregation, the Board establishes Open Questions, which are meant to reflect the most pressing strategic issues facing the church. The Board will also identify Top Priorities, which are the immediate steps that need to be taken as we continue to explore and live into the current Open Questions. During the 20-21 church year, the Board adopted the two Open Questions listed below. As of September 15, 2021, the Board is nearing a vote on the “Top Priorities” for the Anti-Racism Open Question, and we anticipate agreement on the Top Priorities for the Engagement Open Question by February 2022.

After that, we anticipate an annual review of both the Open Questions and the Top Priorities during a February Board retreat and as circumstances change over time. Based on the experiences of other entities following this model, we believe that any particular Open Question will remain in place for several years. Top Priorities will change from year to year.

Current Open Questions:

  • What type of antiracist community can we be? And how will we become one?
  • What is meaningful engagement at UUC that creates belonging & commitment? And how do we invite people into it?

~Rosemary Daszkiewicz, President, UUC Board of Trustees

1 Response

  1. judith hansen says:

    Being new and not yet a member but plan to be, I might be a bit off base or repetitive with some thoughts. I know this is an unusual time for joining anything, given that we are masked, etc.

    Engaging means a feeling of belonging. Commitment hopefully grows from there. For newcomers: perhaps identifying us with a colored badge and asking members to talk with us before or after the service will help engage folks. It’s a shame that two entrances are used but hopefully that is temporary. Two services already split people up. Having signage on easels inside by sign-in as to what is happening and where on Sundays would help. Also, perhaps a table WITH A REAL PERSON at each entrance with information and a signup for a committee or program might work. Some of us have questions to ask. Then, if there are signups, make sure there is follow-up.

    It would be great to make contact with other churches: black, brown, yellow, green or whatever to join us for a service. Perhaps some sort of trading places, with real partnering. The best way to get to know people unlike ourselves is to personally meet each other. I would love to work on some sort of a reach-out.

    Ideas probably tried but hindered by Covid: signups for Sunday afternoon coffees at people’s houses, paring of newcomers with a member to act as a mentor of sorts if wanted, etc.
    Scheduling a program around “a path to membership” including conversations with Jon and Beth.
    Signups for people needing rides, etc.
    Supportive stuff.