The Traveling Chalice Box is Back!

Open wicker basket with stuffed hedgehog, books, chalice, cloth and "jewels"

Sign up to host Hollis the Hedgehog and the Traveling Chalice Box in your home by clicking here

Hosting Hollis and the Traveling Chalice Box is not just for families with young children! UUC members of any age are more than welcome to sign up and get to know Hollis.

Hollis had so much fun traveling around and visiting your homes this fall. After the Stuffy Sleepover, they needed a bit of time to rest, but Hollis is ready to hit the road again with their Traveling Chalice Box and hang out with their UUC friends again!

How the Traveling Chalice Box works:
Sign up using this form to host Hollis and the Traveling Chalice Box in your home. Each family will get to host Hollis for about a week. At the end of their week, Aria will coordinate with them to pass the Traveling Chalice Box and Hollis to the next family.

What’s in the Box?
In addition to Hollis, the box includes familiar altar items and a couple of books. There’s a chalice, altar cloth, some special stones, and a singing bowl. The books are collections of readings, meditations, and chalice lighting words for your family to try out together. Also included is a journal, in which you and your family can record your experiences with Hollis and the Traveling Chalice Box.

Why a Traveling Chalice Box?
Children learn about spirituality and faith primarily through doing. They learn about values and traditions by observing and participating in the rituals their parents practice. Hosting the Traveling Chalice Box is an easy way to to nurture and familiarize your kids with our Unitarian Universalism tradition. It also helps to maintain a sense of connection to other families from church, who you may not have seen in awhile. You might use the altar materials during dinner, before bed, or just after waking up. You might also just play with Hollis! All of these are great ways to use the Traveling Chalice Box. 

For more information, please, contact Aria Curtis.