Stuffed Animal Slumber Party Video

On the weekend of January 16–17, we invited UUC families to drop of a favorite stuffy for a fun and silly Stuffed Animal Slumber Party at UUC. Quite a number of stuffies came, and their families followed their doings on Facebook.

Aria Curtis compiled photos and videos from the weekend into video and sent it out to the families last week. But given how many of you followed the event on Facebook, we thought we would post it here for others in our UUC community to enjoy as well!

And a few more still photos too:

Stuffed animals wearing masks sitting around a chalice in front of a laptop computer
Three stuffed animals sitting in front of an open picture book
Stuffed animals playing in a sandbox - and there is an Easter egg in the sandbox!
Stuffed animals sitting around a lighted chalice in a dim room