Nick Barnard Leaves Staff Role

Nick Barnard

Nick Barnard, our Connections Coordinator since 2018, will be leaving UUC staff at the end of December to pursue other opportunities. We have appreciated Nick’s help in working with Sunday Morning volunteers, and more recently in helping the congregation quickly expand our use of technology as the pandemic presented its invitation to learn how to gather and connect virtually. Nick’s broad interests and skills have been well suited to help us meet several challenges and opportunities throughout his tenure, which turned out to be a much longer and varied time of transition than originally foreseen!

Nick has been an active UUC member since 2007, including a number of leadership roles. He’ll be continuing to participate as a member of UUC’s Handbell Choir, and in a variety of groups and activities as he always has. We’ll miss you on staff, Nick, but are glad we’ll still see you in church.

4 Responses

  1. Lora Poepping says:

    Much luck and many thanks to you Nick!

  2. Maylin says:

    Thanks for all you’ve done during your time as a staff member. I’m relieved that you’ll still be ‘around’ in the UUC community. Best wishes for your next life steps! 🙂

  3. Emmy Easton says:

    Your care and connection have been wonderful assets to our community, Nick! Even traveling to a member’s home to help with computer issues. I’m happy to know that you’re staying in the UUC community.
    THANK YOU and BEST OF LUCK in your pursuits.

  4. Judy Oerkvitz says:

    Thank you Nick for answering all my technical questions patiently and promptly, and for helping me to learn how to effectively communicate with our church community in this increasingly digital age. I wish you well with your new endeavors.