Seeking Applicants to Join the Social Justice Steering Committee

The Social Justice Steering Committee (SJSC) invites UUC members to consider whether you would like to join our work. We are seeking new people who would like to work with Rev. Beth and the team to help nurture justice work at UUC. We ask for a 2-3 year commitment, beginning with a retreat in the fall. Meetings are monthly and each committee member is also expected to take on some additional responsibilities outside of meeting time.

The SJSC coordinates plate collections to benefit the wider community, convenes social justice leaders and supports our new and ongoing justice ministries. The team also engages reviewing and identifying recipients of Seeds of Justice grants every few years. The SJSC responds to justice opportunities and challenges as they emerge and provides UUC and our members with meaningful connections to justice work in the community.

The SJSC creates a lot of the structures that enables the do-ers. It’s less of the action/justice/doing and more of the nourishing/enabling/encouraging/facilitating work of justice in the church. If you are interested in learning more or applying, please contact Rev. Beth Chronister ( by May 31.