Second Sunday Plate on March 14

Chief Seattle Club logo

As shared a few weeks ago, the Social Justice Steering Committee has committed to centering Black and Indigenous led organizations for 2nd Sunday plate recipients this year as part of centering racial equity and justice in our giving. On March 14, we will be sharing our offering plate with the Chief Seattle Club, a Native-led organization in Seattle that addresses trauma, homelessness, cultural preservation, and health care. In all their offerings, they center traditional Native cultures as the primary method for healing and transformation. By the end of 2021, they will be opening Indigenous-informed, permanent supportive housing in Lake City Way, with 125 units, called the Sacred Medicine House. 

The mission of Chief Seattle Club is to provide a sacred space to nurture, affirm, and renew the spirit of urban Native people. From their website,

“At our Day Center in the Pioneer Square district of downtown Seattle, which provides food, primary health care, housing assistance, an urban Indian legal clinic, a Native art job training program, as well as frequent outings for members to cultural and community-building events. Chief Seattle Club is a human service agency that provides basic needs for our members, many of whom are experiencing homelessness. Over 90,000 meals are served every year and members can access quality nursing care, mental health providers, chemical dependency professionals, and traditional healing practices. Native people in urban areas face unique challenges and Chief Seattle Club embraces the cultures, languages, and traditions of American Indians and Alaska Natives as the primary method for healing and transformation.”