Request to Add Your Photo to the (Online) UUC Directory

Screen shot of one part of UUC Connect Directory (with contact info greyed out)

Do you have a new hairdo? New glasses? A whole new you? Updating your photo in the UUC directory helps newcomers and old-timers recognize one another. Try our step-by-step directions. Please take this small but powerful step to build community. We look forward to seeing you!

Step-by-step directions to add your photo to the directory:

Using UUC Connect requires a computer, plus an email address.

Choose a photo.

It does not need to be a perfect portrait! You can even use a photo of you with other people. In the steps below, you will zoom in and display just your face.

  1. Choose an existing photo or take a new one.
  2. Take note of the photo’s file name and location on your computer.

Sign in to UUC Connect and open your profile.

  • At, click or tap UUC Connect from the menu. Sign in.
  • In the Search box at the top of the web page, enter part of your name. Then pause…
  • Look for your profile in the resulting list. (No profile? Try variations of your name—first, last, nickname.)
  • Click on your profile in the list to open it.

Add your photo to your profile.

  • To update your photo, click or tap on your initials next to your full name (or your current photo).
  • Browse and find your photo on your computer. Click or tap to select it.
  • To zoom in on your face, use the slider bar that’s next to or below the photo. Center your face by putting your cursor or finger on the photo and moving the image about.
  • Click or tap Save.

You’re done! Thank you.

Are these steps not what you see on your device? Contact the, and we’ll call and walk you through it.