Report on the UUC Special Congregational Meeting of January 24, 2021

UUC held a special mid-year congregational meeting after our Sunday service on January 24. Agenda highlights included a congregational vote to affirm the ordination of Justin Almeida and updates on our financial and program activities. The meeting was attended by over 135 members.

The draft minutes from the meeting are now available online. These will remain in draft form until a vote to approve them occurs at our June 2021 annual meeting. Please contact Dave Mentz, Board Secretary, with any questions.

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  1. John P Webber says:

    In the Minutes of the Congregational Meeting, January 24 – Please correct the spelling of my name. Thanks – John Webber

    Q & A
    John Webber asked “Who is the contact person for advocating for social justice during remote
    times?” Beth Chronister indicated that the Social Justice Steering Committee has started a
    discussion this past week of how to help people with legislative advocacy during this time.
    News/updates will be made available via Gateway.