Reminder About Emails from the Church

We’ve received a few inquiries at the church office about whether an email received by a member is a real message from the church or a spam message. Here’s a quick explanation of how to tell the difference:

A legitimate email from a member of staff or a minister will have a FROM email address will be in the form of [first name].[last name] Any other form of this address is from a spam or phishing sender pretending to be a staff member and should be ignored. 

When you receive an email from the church in general (sent via Constant Contact or UUC Connect), you will often see or as the sender (the FROM address). These are valid email addresses from the church and represents mail that was intended to be received by you. Replies sent to these address are received at the church office.

If you have any questions about a message that you’ve received and would like clarification or explanation as to its source or purpose, please call the office at 206-525-8400 so someone can help you before you click “Reply.”