Pledge FAQ #47: Where Did My New Pledge Go?

Screen shot with a "Click here" arrow pointing to CURRENT PLEDGES and a "then click here" arrow pointing to "Future Pledges

First, thank you to everyone who has or will participate in the 2021 Annual Giving Campaign. Your renewed pledge of support for the church in the next fiscal year, July 2021 to June 2022 is essential and deeply appreciated!

A regular question I’m hearing from folks who have already used UUC Connect to enter their pledge is that after they save their pledge from the setup screens, they can’t see the new pledge listed on the right-hand side of their giving page. They can only see the same pledges they saw when they started, for this year and for a capital pledge, if they have one.

The trick is the Pledges drop-down arrow on the right-hand side, above your list of pledges. You’ll see by default that it reads “Current Pledges.” You can’t see the pledge you just made because it’s not current. It doesn’t start until July 2021. 

So click the down arrow next to “Current Pledges.” You’ll see a list that now includes “Future Pledges.” Click “Future Pledges,” and now your list of pledges is replaced by your 2021-22 Operating Pledge that you made.

On July 1st, when the pledge starts, your new pledge will begin to appear under “Current Pledges,” and your 2020-21 pledge that ends June 30th will be listed under “Past Pledges.”

Screen shot showing FUTURE PLEDGES screen in UUC Connect

You’ll also note that after you create a pledge for 2021-22, the “+Pledge” button at the top of your Giving page will no longer be displayed. That’s because you can only have one pledge to the 2021-22 year, and there are no other campaigns to pledge to. 

If you wish to make changes to your pledge, please contact me at the church office at (206) 454-7723 or via email. Members aren’t allowed to directly change pledges in UUC Connect. That ensures that when there need to be changes to pledges, those of us in the office who depend on such information are made aware of the changes. That helps us in our budgeting and future planning.

Again, thanks for participating in the annual Giving Campaign! And don’t hesitate to keep those questions coming. I appreciate everyone working together to make this new online system for pledging work as well as it can.

Byron Krystad, Director of Operations

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  1. Nick Barnard says:

    So… Byron, which one of these references to 47 are you making?

    Or are you using zero based counting, and this is really 46 in disguise?