Pandemic Recovery Plan Update

Information on UUC’s “Seven Steps Toward Reopening the Church” is now posted on our website at (This link can also be found under “About Us” on the webpage main menu.)

We’re in the process of augmenting this plan with a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, links to various Resources, and a quick reference index to our Communications to the Congregation related to UUC’s response to the pandemic. You’ll begin to find more and more details posted to this page in the coming days and weeks.

This week, we’ve updated our “Seven Steps” plan to reflect a slip on Step 2 to May instead of April. Repairs to our “Dedicated Outdoor Air System” (DOAS) are unlikely to be completed in April, and this is a primary safety dependency towards allowing indoor meetings to occur at UUC.

Regular updates on UUC’s Recovery Plan will be posted to the news/blog on our UUC home page, in the Gateway eNewsletter, and on the church Facebook page.