Luis Figueroa, UUC’s Weekday Custodian, Is Moving On

Luis Figueroa

Many church members have gotten to know Luis Figueroa since he started at UUC in August 2014, and will be sorry to hear he has taken an opportunity to move on from his custodial work at UUC to working with construction crews in the Puget Sound area. His last day at UUC is Thursday, August 5. On behalf of the staff, I can say we are sorry as well. Luis has been a tremendous member of the staff team all these years, and we will miss his cheerful and positive style in our shared work together. 

As the Weekday Custodian working Sundays through Thursdays, Luis welcomed most all of our program groups over the years, making sure that rooms were prepared for their meetings and events and that members felt welcomed when they arrived at the building. Each night he made sure that the building was clean and put back in its place, in preparation for the next day’s activities. While that was the job he came to in 2014, and he handled it well, he was exposed to much more in the years ahead: he helped with the move out of the old church building as well as contributing essential help on Sundays at Meadowbrook for the year and a half we were away during construction. Also during that time, he worked with the general contractor’s team to assist on the construction site—his first taste of a hardhat and safety vest! More recently, he has helped with the move back to the new building, and during the pandemic months he kept his watch over the facility while it was mostly closed and made sure the dust didn’t have time to settle.

Luis has shared that he has enjoyed all his time at UUC, and that the variety of tasks and challenges have been a great learning experience for him. He has experienced many changes himself over the years, from getting married to buying his first house to welcoming his first child to the world. Wow, it has been quite a ride for seven years! Please join me in thanking Luis and sharing our best wishes for his new adventures.  As this change in staffing also introduces a new phase for UUC, we are on the search for new custodial support on weekdays, while Jorge Del Valle and Alberto Sandoval continue to support our weekend programming as well as Sunday services. If you are aware of anyone who would possibly be interested in an opportunity at UUC for full-time employment in our new building as we navigate the evolving experience of the post-pandemic church, I would be more than happy to get their contact information. I can be reached at or 206-454-7723. A job description and other details about the hiring process will be posted to the church website in the coming weeks.

~Byron Krystad, Director of Operations

2 Responses

  1. Emmy Easton says:

    I wish Luis all the best as he takes on a new career. His new employers will be lucky to have him, as we were for seven years.

  2. Jane Blackwell says:

    Dear Luis,
    I am sorry that I cannot wish you well and say goodby in person. As much as we will miss you here at UUC, I am glad that you have found a new and promising career. As a Thursday office volunteer most of the time since you came to UUC, I have watched you blossom. Especially during the time the office was in temporary quarters I watched your thoughtful care for you wife and your excited anticipation for the birth of your daughter. You waited and worried and worked so hard at learning about fatherhood which was a joy to watch. Congratulations on moving on to a new career. I know you will prosper.
    With all my best wishes,