Immigrant Justice Team Meeting

Side with Love

Wednesday, June 2, 6:00–8:00 p.m. in-person in Knatvold, UUC

Join us at the next Immigrant Justice meeting on Wednesday evening. We’ll start by sharing a spiritual practice and a reflection—to ground us in how our justice work connects to our UU principles.

For our reflection time, we will engage the question being asked as part of the Sound Alliance listening season, to help inform the Sound Alliance of the issues and struggles most pressing to us. Sound Alliance is a local organizing and advocacy coalition of organizations across faith, labor, health, and education. And UUC has been a long-time member.

Bring your ideas on additional ways that UUC can show up in the larger community. If you have questions, or prefer to connect with the group via Zoom, please contact Pam. All are welcome, and you can easily connect virtually, if you prefer.