Homecoming Sunday: Calling All Cookies

Homemade cookies

Let’s celebrate re-connecting at Homecoming Sunday with plentiful cookies and treats to go with our coffee & conversations al fresco! Our traditional return to the regular church year with two services will offer a chance to see one another again with Safe Gathering protocols at two services, 9:30 and 11:15 a.m. (See this article for a quick summary and more details.) The 9:30 service will be livestreamed and recorded for later viewing, too.

We’ll have flowers in the sanctuary, wonderful music (though, sadly, without choirs or singing together quite yet), words and ritual of hope and solace, and the delight of re-connecting after a long time away. The 8th Principle Process Team will also offer an art table to invite imagining the Beloved Community together. Members of the team will be available to answer questions about the 8th Principle Process if you would like to learn more.

Whether you’re a baker or a buyer, please bring copious cookies to share with all! Drop them off at the main kitchen in Nathan Johnson Hall, for our Coffee Crew to lay out before and after each service.

Any hand-held treats are welcome, as long as they are ready to serve and don’t require utensils or plates. If you bring bars or cakes, they should be the kind that aren’t gooey or runny so they can be eaten out of hand with minimum mess. Please pre-cut. If you can bring them on serving platters (labeled), that is preferred – we’ll hang onto the platters for you to pick up after.

Any left-over goodies will be stored to enjoy on future Sundays, and that will be a treat, too.