Holiday Giving—Thank You for Your Generosity

Much appreciation to all who donated to this year’s Warm Clothes Holiday Giving to benefit Teen Feed! In total, UUC families donated nearly $2,000 in cash, along with 47 pairs of wool socks, 19 winter hats, 25 pairs of gloves, 15 hoodies, 18 warm coats, 15 sweaters, and much more. Teen Feed staff send their thanks for these gifts—estimated at nearly $4,500 in value—that they will now pass on to the teens in our community.  

In King County, there are nearly 1,000 homeless teens and young adults, so your generosity helps make this winter just a bit warmer for teens in the University District. UUC has partnered with Teen Feed for nearly 15 years. And, year-round, 30 UUC congregants volunteer with Teen Feed, preparing meals 18 times per year. Over the past 2 years, Teen Feed has continued to serve to-go meals and connected with teens through street outreach. Teen Feed is the only outreach and case management program focused on the unique needs of street youth in the University-District. Youth trust and rely on Teen Feed’s supportive services, advocacy and case management.

To find out more about getting involved with UUC’s Meal Team, contact Pam.