Economic Justice Team Meeting

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Sunday, June 20 at 11 a.m. via Zoom

As Niv Elis wrote in The Hill, the pandemic has turbocharged economic inequality. Though federal stimulus payments have helped, many have lost jobs and accumulated debt while the wealthy have seen dramatic increases in their wealth over the past year. People of color and women have been most affected. More and more homeless encampments expose the severity of this crisis. We continue to wrestle with these trends, taking action including support for Habitat for Humanity and Lake City Partners. Please join us at our meeting on June 20. All are welcome. Questions? Contact Ben Pfeiffer.

Find the Zoom link in UUC Connect (login required) or contact the church office

(In view of the UUA General Assembly meetings on the 4th Sunday of June, our regular meeting date, we have decided to meet this coming Sunday, June 20, instead.)