Conversations with the Board: Bylaws Amendments

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  1. Comment from John Webber, Saturday 11/20 afternoon
    Please attend – listen and question – at two upcoming important conversations about the powers and accountability of UUC leaders. Details: “Conversations with the Board”, two Sundays, 10:30am, 11/21 and 12/5, Knatvold room or ZOOM. Particular topic is a proposed complete rewriting of UUC bylaws as further explained in the web site article.
    On a less important side note – I left the UUC Bylaws Review Group, giving notice Thursday afternoon – too late for the current webpage. I am grateful to Rosemary Daszkiewicz for including me in the review group and for including the three “minority” reports which I initiated. I did get a fair “hearing” on those issues. In coming weeks, I may comment further, asking for changes to make the proposal one I can support.

  2. Jane Blackwell says:

    In “Nomination Process” first line should read “The current bylaws. . . Leadership DevelopMENT Committee…“ ment” is missing.
    In final draft, page 5, Article IV (g) line 6 should read “rights of an individual” OR “rights of individuals”.

    • UUC Staff says:

      Hi Jane – Thanks for your good eye. I have fixed the first, and forwarded your comment to Rosemary to make the Bylaws Working Group aware of the second. ~Susan St. John, UUC Communications Coordinator

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