Change for Vaccination Verification


We’ve had a lot of questions about why UUC has required fully-vaccinated people to show proof of vaccination every time they attend Sunday services or other events and meetings at UUC. Odd as it seems, that had been required of us by the State of Washington. Now, this requirement has been lifted! So, as of Sunday, July 11, if you have dutifully presented your proof of vaccination at UUC at a prior visit and were verified to be fully vaccinated, you can skip that step and proceed directly to the designated “Pre-Verified” check-in station. Those who are verifying their fully-vaccinated status for the first time at UUC must still present proof of vaccination before entering the building, and then proceed to the regular check-in station. Once checked-in, face masks are optional at UUC on Sundays when attendance is reserved for those who are fully-vaccinated (although we ask that you wear a mask while singing).

On Full Community Sundays (July 18, August 1 & 15), vaccination status will not be checked—all are welcome—and face masks will be required of all while in the building. Check-in will still be required of all. UUC will continue using the check-in stations to allow us track attendance numbers and contact information for the foreseeable future. This allows us to follow the strong recommendation of Seattle & King County Public Health to collect contact tracing information, should there be a need to alert attendees to a potential exposure to Covid-19.

Thank you for your patience and support of public health safeguards for all!