Building Update

Metal ductwork and apparatus on the UUC roof - tree tops and clouds in background.

From Byron Krystad, UUC Director of Operations

In April I shared with you how we were progressing with our outside-air ventilation system (the DOAS) at the new building. I’m glad to say we have made progress, and while it is not 100% automated yet, the equipment does function properly. Until it’s fully automated, every once in a while when it doesn’t remember to wake up in the morning I’ll have to go up to the roof and give it a swift kick. But that’s fine, it’s a lovely view from up there.

In our Pandemic Recovery Plan, step 2 required getting the DOAS working, as well as King County being in Phase 3. We are a “go” on both counts now, at least until the next check-in by the governor next week* on how well we’ve maintained our positive case and hospitalization rates. So that means you are welcome to contact Jessica Monahan at the church office to schedule small-group gatherings in the building, as demand for spaces and schedule allow.

While many among our congregation are getting vaccinated, it is still church policy to wear masks and maintain social distancing inside the building. These two practices will be required for all participants at small group gatherings. Group leaders will also be asked to record attendance at gatherings, as this is essential to meet contact tracing requirements. Group rosters will be made available for ease of doing so. To ensure equitable participation, we will schedule Zoom meetings and provide equipment in the room to support any offsite participants for your event.

For details about other COVID safety practices in effect at the church building, please talk with Jessica Monahan at the time you are making your arrangements. Thanks for your patience with this new and rapidly evolving process for returning to the building. If you have any questions about our steps or practices, I invite you to contact me at any time to discuss.

* NOTE: On May 13, after this article was written, Gov. Jay Inslee announced that all counties in Washington State will move to (or stay in) Phase 3 of the state’s Healthy WA: Roadmap to Recovery reopening plan, effective May 18. Stay tuned for more information on how UUC will update its own pandemic safety practices given state guidelines now pending revision.