All in the Family: Pat Mann

Karen P. Thomas, UUC Director of Music

Pat Mann, dressed in a white shirt and tie, playing his sax

I’m saddened to share the news that our beloved former Loft Choir member, Pat Mann, passed away peacefully with his family at his side in Seattle on January 31.

Pat had moved to Minnesota a few years ago, and then moved back to Seattle in 2018 to live with his daughter. He briefly returned to the Loft Choir when we were at Meadowbrook, until his failing memory made it too difficult for him. Prior to moving to Minnesota, Pat was a stalwart member of the Loft Choir and long-time supporter of the UUC Music Program. Many people will remember his wonderful saxophone solos in services, and his years of selling bagels on Sunday mornings to raise funds for the Music Program. 

Members of the Loft Choir have shared many lovely remembrances:

“I had the privilege of sitting next to Pat in choir for many years. I miss his beautiful voice and that wonderful smile of his that always seemed to cheer you up.” 

“Pat was total class, kind, loving, funny and so full of life. An exemplar for all of us. Our choir is so fortunate to have had and still have such extraordinary people in it.”

“What a wonderful sweet and talented man he was!”  

“I appreciated Pat’s giving nature, his love of music that he shared with us, and his smile and humor.  

“Pat was a great presence. Those long lost days of bagels, his particular verve when singing “rocks and hills” and “brooks and vales”, his wonderful saxophone solos. He is missed!” 

“Thinking of Pat always makes me happy—I’ve missed his dry sense of humor and sly smile for years and when he moved, it seemed like I’d lost a teammate. He was a lovely person and I still can’t listen to the Requiem or a sax choir without thinking of his good nature.”

“Pat was always fun to talk to and of cheerful disposition. Oh that saxophone! I miss Pat a lot!”  

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