A Reminder About the End of the 2020–21 Pledge Year

Byron Krystad headshot

June 30 is fast approaching, and the church is preparing for a new programming year, a new budget, and the start of new pledges. That, of course, means we need to close out the current year’s activities and its operating pledges on record. Please remember to postmark or make any online gifts related to 2020–21 pledges by June 30 so they can be included in support of operating expenses related to the ending fiscal year. (Capital pledges remain active until June 2023.)

Thank you so much for your continued support of UUC and its ministries, and especially for your generous support during this challenging year of the pandemic. If you have any questions about your pledges or the church’s records of your gifts, please reach out to me at 206-454-7723 or byron.krystad@uuchurch.org

Byron Krystad, Director of Operations, University Unitarian Church