2021 UUC Giving Campaign: Nurturing Connections in a Virtual Age

Graphic of a tree with people and leaves of all different colors dancing in the branches; and the words "2021 UUC GIVING CAMPAIGN - NURTURNING CONNECTIONS IN A VIRTUAL AGE"

March 7 – April 9

This church is a community of ourselves. Its energy and resources are our energy and resources. Its wealth is what we share. When we contribute to the life of this community, we affirm our lives within it.

Please make your Annual Giving Pledge today:

  • Begin at UUC Connect and click on “Giving” and then “+Pledge.”
  • If you need additional assistance (and some entertainment), please take a moment to view Byron’s video instructions below.  

Please reach out to Jessica Monahan (jessica.monahan@uuchurch.org) at the church office if you have any questions about UUC Connect.

If a paper pledge form is best for you, please print out and complete this PDF copy of the 2021-22 pledge form and return it to the church office to be recorded on your behalf.

Don’t Forget – Pledge to UUC Today!

Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.

Opening shot of video: A Call for Racial Justice

Nurturing Connections: A Call for Racial Justice

Watch a video about UUC’s racial justice work.

Opening shot of video: 2021 UUC Giving Campaign: Lake City Partners

Nurturing Connections: Partnership with Lake City Partners

Watch a video about our work with Lake City Partners Ending Homelessness.

Where Do the Dollars Go?

Click here to read an overview of our church budget from Rosemary Daszkiewicz, President UUC Board, and Mike Kasprzak, Treasurer.

Opening shot of video: 2021 UUC Giving Campaign UUtheVote

Nurturing Connections: Working for Democracy With Other UUs

Watch a video about our work with UUtheVote.

Opening shot of video: 2021 UUC Giving Campaign Kick-Off

Nurturing Connections: Kicking Off Our Annual Giving Campaign

Watch a kick-off video message from our Giving Campaign Co-Chairs.

Letter from Giving Campaign Co-Chairs

Click here to read the campaign kick-off letter from Lora and Jane

Byron’s Instructional Video

Click below to watch a video with instructions on making an online pledge.