Wednesday Forum Online – May 13

Wednesday, May 13, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. via Zoom

A man looks at a demonstration of human motion analysis software at the stall of the artificial intelligence solutions maker Horizon Robotics during the Security China 2018 exhibition on public safety and security in Beijing_ China October 24_ 2018.   REUTERS_Thomas Peter - RC1A9170A420

Topic: “Artificial Intelligence and Data, ” (Chapter 8 in Great Decisions)

The video for this chapter will be shown at our meeting and we will have a speaker, Suzanne Mitchell Mahoney, Ph.D. Information Technology, George Mason University.

Suzanne constructs models. She began with models for managing single data values stored in a database. To respond to user queries, she uses inference based upon the logic provided by experts. Suzanne ended her career constructing models (Bayesian networks) learned from data and managing the resulting knowledge in the form of probability distributions. Both the learning algorithm and query function use probability theory to infer knowledge. (Current artificial intelligence models can generally be thought of as statistical models.)

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