Vespers Collaboration with UUtheVote

UU the VOTE (and the UUA logo)

Wednesday, October 14, 7:00-8:00 p.m. via Zoom

With the election being just a few weeks away, it is a tense time for many. Join with others for this Vespers collaboration with UUtheVote to reset, reground, and spiritually fortify in community. All are welcome. Bring your joys, sorrows, hopes and prayers to this time of togetherness.

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  1. Julie F says:

    I loved everything about this service: the reflection from Steve C, the singing from Steve J, the prayer from Beth, the recipe for resilience by Justin, “Mercy Now” from Mary G (a song from the early 2000s that’s even more resonant today), and the most awesome version of “We Shall Be Known” that I’ve yet heard … from the East Bay, no less, REPRESENT! Thank you, vespers team, for lifting us up as we work toward justice and equity for all.