UUC Is Greening … and We Need a Lawn Mower!

New landscaping east of UUC, April 2020

One of the exciting aspects of the church’s new building and grounds is the lovely new landscaping on site. Right now, as we are away from the building, the katsura trees are in full leaf, the red twig dogwoods are covered in new growth, and the volunteer-planted ground cover in the parking lot is busting out. Another thing that’s coming out all over is the new grass seeded on the east side of the building! Unfortunately, we had to send the old lawn mower to the recycle heap in 2018 when we moved out of the old building, and we are now in need of a replacement.

Before we go buying new equipment at Home Depot, we thought we’d first ask for a donated mower from a member who has been busy clearing out a garage or is looking for an excuse to upgrade their equipment. We would gladly accept a good functioning mower with all parts and a catcher, and preferably a manual. Electric or two-stroke push mower preferred. Please contact Byron Krystad at the church office with information about your mower in need of a home so we can arrange for you to drop it off. (Please do NOT drop off a mower without Byron’s permission. We only want one!) Come to think of it, if you have a trimmer (gas or electric), we could put one of those to use as well. Let us know what you’ve got, and thanks for your help!

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  1. UUC Staff says:

    UPDATE: We have a mower now! Thank you to Rob and El Norheim for letting us take over their electric mulching mower. We also located the church’s old gas-powered trimmer, so we are set with landscape equipment at this time.