Revised: Updates to Zoom Meeting Links

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The current pandemic situation has brought many changes, some more difficult than others. Later in September, Zoom will require changes to the setup of all Zoom meetings, including UUC’s meetings. We hope this change will be one of the easier changes in 2020. UUC will be implementing these changes for all meetings scheduled on one of UUC’s Zoom accounts occurring on or after September 20, 2020.

If you always visit UUC Connect to find and click on the meeting link, you should see no change in how Zoom works.

If you copy meeting links to your calendar or provide meeting links to others over email or phone, you should carefully check the listing in UUC Connect, as a meeting passcode may be required. Meetings will list a passcode or specify that no passcode is required. For example:

(The above are not actual links, only examples. Check UUC Connect for the correct links for all events.)

If you are a meeting host, the meeting passcode will be in addition to and different from the host key. It is not necessary or recommended to share the host key with other meeting participants.

If you host a UUC meeting on a non-UUC account, please update your meetings occurring on or after September 20 with either a passcode or a waiting room. We encourage you to let us know the updated meeting information by September 15, so that we may properly communicate it with church members. If you are unsure if you should use a passcode or waiting room, we encourage you to review Zoom’s support articles on meeting passcodes, waiting rooms, and join before host to understand the differences. If you do not enable either option by September 27, Zoom will enable a waiting room for your meetings.

For more information on this change, you can check Zoom’s frequently asked questions on waiting room and passcode requirements. If you have any trouble with the new Zoom meeting links, please contact the church office.