Traveling Chalice Box

Open wicker basket with stuffed hedgehog, books, chalice, cloth and "jewels"

Hollis the Hedgehog was blessed during the Animals Blessing in Children’s Chapel and ready for adventure! Hollis is new to University Unitarian Church and is curious about all the people who have chosen to make UUC their church home. Over the next few months, Hollis will spend each week with a different UUC family, getting to know this wonderful community. In the Traveling Chalice Box is a small a collection of altar materials, so that hosting families can teach Hollis about their family’s special traditions and try out some new ones with Hollis. At the end of their week together, families will be invited to reflect and share about their week with Hollis and the Traveling Chalice Box in a special notebook, included in the Box. 

If you would like to host Hollis and the Traveling Chalice Box in your home, please sign up through UUC Connect. For more information, please contact Aria Curtis.